Friday, October 9, 2015
We're coming up on one week since General Conference, and I'd be fine to repeat the whole weekend right this second. Truth be told, it was the first spiritual-feast type of Conference for me since being a mom, so the first in the last three years. And it felt so good! General Conference is the semi-annual conference of my church. The 15 million members gather to churches, couches at home, or the Conference Center in SLC to hear from today's prophet and twelve apostles, our female leaders, and a few more apostles on all things LIFE -- marriage, kids, finances, education, overcoming addiction, finding true joy, tapping into your talents, faith, hope, charity, Christ. Which is why I deem GC to be such a diamond in this world. I mean, now that I'm "old" and am no longer eating jelly beans in my parent's windowsill while we watch (that's what I remember most about Conference as a kid!), I cherish Conference for bringing together called-of-God, life-seasoned men and women - from every walk of life - to teach me about God, Jesus Christ, His gospel, and navigating through life's craziness to get back to Them. Like I said. Diamond.

And like I said, for the first time in a long time, I left Conference feeling full. Prior Conferences have been just as good, but I was ready for this one. That makes it sound like I did soooo much to prepare (how I wish!), but I really didn't do more than usual. I listened to last April's conference all summer with the girls, we were excited for Conference leading up to it, and I watched with questions in mind. I have been working extra hard lately to feel closer to Heavenly Father (it's been working)! Maybe my serious gratitude for modern prophets opened my heart and tuned my ears to receive their messages, too. Life's just very confusing now, and it's also *kind of* hard, but God's still giving guidance and I am beyond grateful for that. Anyway, I felt so much this time -- a lot of peace and direction and it felt good. Also helped loads that Olivia loves to color and that Claire is a laxed little thing (except, haha, watch the video below and you'll see Cranky Claire :) ) Our growing-up girls also made the weekend especially sweet. We all stuck to the family room together -- just switched places around the room while we listened...and colored and built with blocks and played pretend. :)
Claire's favorite blocks and books, the cutie.
And yes. It was Olivia + the coloring books.  Her face(s) kills me. Hmm? Huh? Back to coloring. :)
We stepped outside for juuuuust a second in between sessions. You can't tell here but it was chilly and raining lightly, which was a nice break from the heavy rained we'd had all week. Claire Baby is working so hard on her walking skills (go Babe, go!) and was thus unhappy about going inside...
So we sat here and watched the squirrels there. For a really long while. :)

I made a little video of just a few minutes of our Sunday. And I mean LITTLE. In scope and size. This was another practice video for me (remember my last one from our camping trip to Yosemite?) -- trying to learn video editing software. And also trying this freeze some of real life right now, however simple it may be -- Olivia coloring, Claire squawking then block-building, Olivia's sweet little voice talking. I laughed when I watched this footage because I was definitely not listening to her. IE, I agreed when she talked about being in my tummy when we got married. "Yep! A-huh!" as I'm trying to get Claire to look at me. Hahaha. I'll turn my ears on next time. ;)
And last, my notes. I want to remember these and how I took them. They were a GC game-changer for me. I usually take notes in my journal, but this time I just jotted down one-liners in between sitting and listening, playing with the girls, etc, and I liked this approach way better. My ears were tuned into my feelings this way, I think. I wrote down the phrases or thoughts that helped me feel something, because that's honestly all I had time for! I wrote down the phrases that helped me feel acknowledged and answered by God - the ones that warmed my heart. Now those phrases are up on my kitchen wall where they can't escape me. :) I shared my favorite one here on Insta a few days ago. Another fave one-liner was actually Olivia's, unprovoked, "I WUV the pwophets!" Me, too, baby. Till April (we'll be re-reading, watching and listening, hallelujah). We love GC!


  1. I love that rug. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Your notes, too. You are so wonderful.

  2. You are just the cutest mom ever. Your family is so adorable. Love, love, love the notes idea. I may steal it.

    1. By all means, steal that note thing right away. It's been so nice to have GC lingering around on the daily. Love you, Mindy!!

  3. Loved this post Jen! Thanks for sharing your sweet and tender thoughts, and your cute family! Wish you lived closer! Scotty would attach right to those girls!

    1. I'd take a Boston+Scotty play date right this second, if I could. Seriously, though, can you believe we have BABIES?? We need to have an SC reunion this year (even if it's just us and yes, our babies) :) Love you!


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