Sunday, September 27, 2015
We walked the Monticello Trail a couple Sundays ago after church - trying to take more advantage of our neck of the Virginia woods this year. Last year was taxing enough that it was hard to give up any more time than it took to have dinner together. But that life is no more! Law school, you weird animal, thank you for being so front-loaded that first year. All is so well now.

The weather was unreal -- the first day of fall for sure. The air was crisp, but it wasn't cold. The sun gave us heat, but the trees were polka-dotted with changing leaves. Between the setting and our little people setting the pace, we took our sweet time walking. At one point -- while Ryan and Olivia were racing ahead on this beautiful wooden bridge, Claire Bear was wrapped up on my chest, and the leaves were glittering gold -- I couldn't help but say a little prayer of big thanks for our lives here. I am so grateful for this chapter. I love it. I've never felt so content. That feeling gets me a little, though...because something has to give, right? Can life really stay balanced? It rarely does, you know. All is well till ____ happens, right?

Talk about living in fear!! I've got to push it outta the way, too, because 1) fear drains me and 2) life is about trying to be faithful. I'm remembering a little adage from Jeffery R. Holland (I think!), "Trust in God and believe in good things to come." Bad things, per se, may happen, but that doesn't mean that more good isn't also coming down the pipe. Regardless of that big, unknown future (it tends to get me), I'm grateful for now. Since now is what I'm actually living, now is alllll that really matters.

Pep talk over and out. Thanks for listening. On to photos. I'll let them tell the stories of the evening. No more words (for now, anyway). :)


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