Monday, September 7, 2015
Our friend-family is reuinted and alllll is well in the world. The sweetest thing about living out here, so far away from our actual families, is that our friends have been family. We're going through one heck of life out here together, and since love comes from what you go through together (right??) we love these people like our own. If I have my way, reunions with this crew are in our future. Every year. (And mark my words, I will have my way!! :) )

A couple Saturdays ago, we partied at Chris Green Lake with a good chunk of *the fam.* When you come visit us in Virginia (in the summertime), we'll take you to Chris Green Lake. It's one of those Virginia/East Coast novelties - a lake + lovely beach in town. It's one thing about life out here that I'll miss something fierece. Which brings me to how I'm already feeling how much I'll miss everything about law school life. JK, I will not miss how we don't have an income. But other than that, I'm already sad about this season ending.

...I kind of have a problem. Sometimes I put my thoughts and feelings way too far ahead in the future - - like right now, because hello, school just started and we have an entire third year (next year!) left of law school to experience! And yet I already can't shake the longing feelings. Just goes to show, I think, how much I have loved, do love, and will love our law school life. I will miss this season terribly. The end there (for now. No doubt I'll feel all these feelings soon).

And now, the pics. That's our friend, David, and Olivia loves him. :)
"Here's lookin' at you, kid." :) Nine-month-old Claire is the funnest Claire yet. I LOVE this age. 
Moms gone a little wild (I'm always late. To everything)!
Not pictured from the day: the Bell's portable grill packed with food (a brilliant bring-along - $15 from Target), a fun game of volleyball between all the tall people/the good-at-volleyball people (that's not me), a picture of the guys/dads gone wild, and the baby friends playing together. I also want to remember that the sun was hot (my favorite!) and the water was warm and we didn't get sunburned - just more freckles for me and tans for them. Life is so good.

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  1. I'm still missing the grad school life and my friend family, so I can totally relate. Live it up while it lasts!


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