Thursday, September 24, 2015
Playing a little catch up here -- better late than never, right? I'll be throwing it back around here for a few posts, starting with the first day of school...

This 2L year for Ryan has been pretty unreal. When people say that law school is front loaded, they weren't kidding. He's busy enough as a second-year student, but we feel like we're living an entirely different life compared to his 1L year. Like he comes home for an hour stretch (or two! or three!) in the middle of the day (wha?!). He's working out daily for at least an hour. He's definitely not having to skip out on the bedtime routines. It's pretty crazy and we're all loving it. Really, Law School, we love you.

And Olivia Babe, there's not a newer student out there. She started Joy School the same day that Ryan started school (August 26) with four of her friends. Joy School is a co-op preschool, so I'm in on this game, too, and loving it. I taught last week -- all about eating healthy and exercising. The kids were darling, and as always, getting down on their level + trying so hard to be creative with them made my heart soar a bit. Nurturing these littles forces you to learn and grow loads. It's one of the most satisfying parts of mothering, I think. Especially in the creativity department. Man it's tiring, though. Hahah all of us moms have said the same thing -- the second class of the week is harder than the first to teach. We're like hold up, where's all my energy?! :) 

A few pics from the day. Ryan was kind and stalled a couple minutes to snap these before class started. Then he dashed away, and the girls and I literally paced till 10:00 to go to Olivia's school. WE had a serious case of the first-day jitters - in the best kind of way. I was so excited for my girl to begin her education adventure!! It's such a gift.
Dear Olivia, I love you. The end.


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