Thursday, September 3, 2015
We heart Washington DC, so it was good to get back to this city pretty soon after we came back East. Ryan had an interview with a firm up there, and naturally we three girls came along (duh, you don't miss a DC day)! For the first time EVER, we beat all DC traffic, parked in just the right spot (and for cheap!!), I took the girls to a Smithsonian Museum, and we beat all DC traffic again driving home. Miraculous little day trip. 

So yes, Ryan went off to that interview, and we girls took on the Museum of Natural History. I hadn't been here for five years, the girls hadn't been ever. It was fun. Just a couple pictures from that stop...
Olivia is braver than me and can handle bugs. I despise bugs.  I'm always screaming in here when a creeping, crawling thing pops up and she says - every time - "Hey mom don't worry! I can GET it!" And she gets it. You go girl.

"Mawwwwm listen 'a me! I don't wanna take a pictcho wight now!" :) Okay okay, I understand. And then I put the camera away for the rest of the museum part. But let it be known, we had a really good time.
From there we took off for the White House to meet Dad. Stopped at this little spot for Olivia to play and for Claire to snooze (not pictured). Loved looking up at Miss O while holding Claire - - totally smack dab in the heart of DC, the Washington Monument behind us, the White House to our side - - I felt lucky in that very moment to be living our lives where we are and how we are. So lucky. "Blessed" is the better word.
Heyyyy Dad!
And Heyyyy White House! This was Ryan's first time seeing the White House, and just like everybody's first time, he was like "Huh - it's smaller than I thought!" It's pretty, though. Always pretty. Thomas Jefferson had big sway in its design, just as he designed UVA, so we're constantly around this kind of pretty architecture. Again, lucky. Rather, blessed.

Ryan's interview went so well - meaning, he was really impressed with the firm. We were swayed for a few hours there and thought that maybe DC is right for us?? Maybe we could make this place home for forever? I explained back here that August is interview season - the time to nail down your full-time job. It's a season we've been working toward for a long time and took seriously, and in the end we accepted an offer somewhere else (somewhere warmer :) ), DC will have a good chunk of our hearts forever. SO happy that our time with this corner of America is far from being out. Till next time!


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