Thursday, September 3, 2015
I say "round one" because this will NOT be our first time up on the mountain this season. Carter Mountain is a Charlottesville, VA novelty. When you come see us in Virginia, we'll take you to Carter Mountain. It's peach season right now; last year we went for the first time when apples were going on (which will be soon)! And those peaches -- oh heaven. You add a crew of friends to the peaches, the view, bluegrass tunes, more food (pie, peach ice cream, etc.) and yes, I tell you, it's heaven!
We stayed up there till sunset, keeping the girls up so that we could keep playing. These kind of summer nights are my jam. I like schedules and I like structure, but I really like soaking up moments that you know you'll soon miss. When it's chilly in December, and I'm craving the feeling of heat on my skin, a Carter Mountain peach, and a lingering party with our friends, I'll remember that we took advantage in August and feel better about things. 


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