Sunday, August 9, 2015
Our flight home on Saturday night was flawless. Really, though! I didn't just say that because it flows (flight, flawless) -- it was fast and easy, the girls were both sleepy and happy. We flew directly from San Fran to DC, and oh, if we can only do that direct thing every time! We loved stepping off into DC, and then being able to drive the two hours south to Charlottesville was a little dreamy. Green. Everything is GREEN, including (if not especially) the route to home along the 29. You drive through woods, farms, and fields, and when the sun's at 7:00 on an August evening, that green gets a little gold and all is right in the world.

I was fully expecting to find cockroaches and spiders all over the Honey House (our name for this place since we moved in), but we're 0/0 (it's the little things)! Olivia is so happy to be here. We all are. We keep looking around at all the space a little aghast. That one-bedroom cottage turned this two-bedroom into a mansion and we're in love.

All is well. All is not clean (had major un-packing withdrawals - we just wanna play!!), but all is well.


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