Saturday, August 1, 2015
Ryan told us all about Adobe's "Field Trip Day" about three weeks ago. Not sparing any sparkles in his description, he said it'd be a day when mom, Olivia, and Claire would join him at work! We'd get badges, we'd get shirts. We'd get to see what Adobe life is like, and to play in ways that would spark our creativity and let us simply exist together. And to eat really good food. AKA, (if you know us at all) Adobe was throwing our family's dream day. Yeah baby!!!

These big tech companies treat their people like rockstars these days, you know, but we were surprised to see that Adobe spared no expense in also pampering their employees' kids. There were numerous, darling craft tables, rooms for testing out Adobe's new apps, a workshop room by the children's museum (Olivia's favorite), entertainment left and right, and good food. We've been excited for Field Trip Day for a few weeks, and my heavens, did Adobe deliver!
When the nice man standing by sees you snapping photos of your family and offers to let you join them, you say "yes." Thank you for the picture, nice man! PS, those two photos up there of my people are my favorite to date. Makes my heart absolutley SING. 
I've been hesitant to go to the children's museum here because of the cost, but we have to go now -- their workshop room captivated Miss O. I was surprised, too, because it was all about sciencey stuff, which I thought would be over her head since we haven't probed that world yet, but the girl sooooaked it up! She had her concentration face on - a little half-grin, half-biting-the-lip sorta something. :)
 Snack break. A kale smoothie and homemade granola bars. Insert fist pump emoji. Olivia liked it, Claire loved it. C-Baby is a foodie (girl after my own heart). 
If could've seen my gironomo smile when we walked into the next room - the art room, we learned in two seconds. I mean, the itty bitty canvases, the amount of colorful paint, and the happy messes being made by all these families! How did they know that this is what we do?! Olivia and I fell into our groove. She painted blue, I went with gold. Can't wait to put these somewhere at home in VA (we will be painting more with those tiny canvases. Oh my darling).
The craziest, funniest acrobats I've ever seen for some entertainment...
Claire!!! She is a trooper. This whole shindig went down during her long, beloved morning nap, and yet that girl didn't let out a single squawk. She just got tired, which just means glossy eyes, no jabbing, and selective smiling. My heavens I love her.
 Olivia popped up on stage there for a sec... :) 
Endless popsicles up for grabs? JOY. 
Mmmm that smile! 
Thanks, Adobe, for treating this family so right. Really, though, time to spill the gratitude for what the company did to make this such an incredible summer for us. There were major perks that we feel so grateful to have enjoyed. Like the wellness dollars! Adobe gives you money to spend on your health + wellness, which is how we were able to rent gear for our biking adventures (here and here). And this party today! The sweetest cherry on top to Adobe's fun. Practically speaking, Ryan loved working here. His co-workers were good, good people. He got some wild, stellar experience. This internship sealed the deal - we can happily take on the corporate legal world - and for that we are most grateful.

Adobe life forever! We're mega fans. XO, the Awerkamps.


  1. Yay for wellness dollars/bikerides! ;) Maybe we should all just go work for Adobe! Sounds soooooo fun. You guys make everything fun, though, so maybe we just want Awerkamps...

    1. Takes two to tango. Our summer fun would've been slashed in half were it not for our Laneys. We love you sooo much!

  2. I found you on Instagram because one of my friends liked your photo which led me to your blog. I've been reading a lot of your posts lately and I can't not say something. I love your blog and I love the way you write. You have an amazing way with words. You somehow are able to put into words all the feelings I have about motherhood and marriage. Your posts really inspire me but you still manage to keep it real and make me feel like it's ok to love being a mom but still have rough days. It's a refreshing space you have here and I just wanted to thank you!
    It's obvious you are an incredible mother and wife! And your joy for life is contagious, just by reading your posts. Hope you aren't creeped out by this...

    1. Oh not creeped out in the LEAST! I absolutely love that you commented, Kerri! Thank you so much for saying something. I'm glad we're both feeling a little refreshed by this space -- I like to share, so I'm grateful for your kind set of eyes and ears to hear me out. And you nailed it (said it way better than me!) it's okay to love motherhood honestly. Hard days are real and inevitable, but don't they add such a contrast to the easy, joyful, bright days? Please coming by! You're wonderful. xoxo

  3. I'm so happy for you all! Adobe really is the best! I've always loved their costumer service and products, so it doesn't surprise me that the entire company is top-notch. You guys are fabulous!

    1. You're so sweet, Kels. You're always happy for everyone and I love it. Such a stellar trait. I'm grateful for you! xo


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