Monday, August 10, 2015
There is a lot of good to be said about Happy Heart Kid, a burgeoning startup that has held some ground in my heart for a while. The business creates activity kits with everything you need to teach your littles about - this is the best part - moral values. Like generosity, grit, and gratitude. There's very little of that kind of education going down today, and really, I think that may be because teaching moral values is hard (they're abstract)! I'll take all the help I can get when it comes to teaching the girls to choose to keep trying when they keep failing, aka good ol' grit.

Intro all these kits from Happy Heart Kid. Preparing good, developmentally appropriate, fun materials for teaching your children values has been DONE. The kits include multiple crafts, coloring books, story books, games, and teaching advice for mom and dad. That's a lot of stuff (that I didn't have to prepare)!! Archie, the business' founder, and I became friends over our Kickstarter campaigns back in December, and that good soul, she sent us three kits at the beginning of July that filled up a good chunk of our summer days. Like you should eat a good meal, we enjoyed them slowly and intentionally, soaking up every activity in each kit.
How we felt after talking all the feelings via the Empathy Kit. :) I was grateful for how this kit gave emotions concrete visuals (see pic above!) and that Olivia and I got to chat about how to act when we feel sad or mad or glad, and also how to act when others are feeling a particular way. Each kit comes with something super hands-on, like that glittery, stickers placard up there, so Olivia got to get her hands dirty, too, which she loved.
The Grit Kit was also fabulous. Each kit comes with a small storybook (that can be colored!) and we especially liked Grit's little book. The cute, determined caterpillar helped Olivia see what it's like to try again. It failed a few times in its attempt to climb a branch, but it didn't say "I can't do it anymore!" (who's heard that one?!) it just tried again. We loved it.
I was grateful for the directive inserts for me that were included. Amazing to see how much you don't know when you are teaching somebody. IE, mothering humbles me FLAT.
The Generosity Kit was a creative one all about necklace making and sharing - we included Claire on this one! Olivia is almost three (what the, did I just say that!!!), and I'd say that she was right on the cusp of being able to enjoy the kits, so you can imagine how the whole "being generous" concept was a liiiiiittle over Claire's head. Ha. 
Baby girl was more interested in the rocks in our San Jose side yard than how Olivia made and shared a necklace with her, but Olivia didn't mind - she was so happy to share something that she had helped make - something that she had!

To Archie and to the rest of the crew at Happy Heart Kid -- we are grateful for your products! Thanks a million for helping us learn about strong values, slash the stuff that makes up a good, good life. Our hearts are happy. :)

PS, we're back in Virginia and so so so so happy to be home. So happy to be HOME!

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  1. Jeni, such a fun way to teach children and let them create. I love this! Btw - we are so happy you are back in VA!!! Yay!!! This is going to be a great year! x


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