Thursday, August 13, 2015
I'm so happy right now. I can think of no other place I'd rather be. Even the Bay, while I miss it, doesn't have my heart right now. Feels so good, so right, so easy to be home again in Virginia.

I do wish I could smoosh the two worlds - East and West - and bring all of my favorite adventure spots and all of my favorite people into one big camp (I'd throw Utah in there, too). That'd be my heaven. And allllll of my people being present - from every chapter of my life - would make it so most of all.
Like these girls and their babies. Meg, in the middle, is from my Jerusalem life. Laura, up front, is from my married, BYU life + from my San Jose life this summer. This was snapped last week, just before we flew away from CA. Laura and I met Meg in Oakland, we intro'd our babies to each other, and just like the good ol' days, finished each other's sentences and listened to each other's fears and hopes.

I'd be a wreck with goodbyes if I didn't really believe that my heaven's going to happen one day. Don't know or how when, but one day, that blob of all of my favorites - places and people - will be. ;)

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