Monday, July 13, 2015
I'd heard of "Ashmae" - a crazy talented artist with good intentions for her work. She was writing + illustrating her children's books when I came across her name and business online. Then our business ventures connected us before I moved out here, and when I made it to the Bay (being the kind soul that she is), Ashley she gathered up some mamas + littles for a picnic and helped me make my first new friends. We chatted then about her We Brave Women venture, and I applauded her for doing yet another good thing. She humbly said "Thank you." Ashley is an incredibly kind, good, brave woman.

I didn't know it, but there was a Kickstarter campaign in the future for We Brave Women. And I've jumped on this boat. Brave women have changed this world - see Ashley's cards! - and will further change this world. I'm so confident that Heavenly Father hoped we'd be that way - game changers for good.

Bravery in women is seen in countless ways, but I think one of the bravest things a woman can do today is believe - wholeheartedly believe - that she is God's daughter. And then to let that belief be the deal breaker in her decision making. Women have equal opportunity in much of the developed world - we can do whatever we want (can't wait for any remaining country/culture that doesn't agree to catch up). So really, "we brave women," for me, rests in being who God wants me to be. Bravery is leading a life led by the fact that I have a divine nature that God is behind. He has an incredible, personal plan for me to pursue. He cares about my choices. Living along those lines goes against today's grind, and so it requires that I be brave. 

I mean, we women are told that we're anything but divine (too often we're terribly portrayed as being stupid or slutty or scarily stern). And it's hardly publicized that God cares about our individual lives. So yes, I think I'm brave because I believe in my divinity, and I am trying so hard to learn who He wants me to be. And then to be that woman.

And you know that what goes for me goes for everyone. We are all daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us. Can we each have a sit-down with Him and bravely discover + pursue the lives that He has designed for us? I totally think so. As a result, we'll be exceptionally brave women indeed.
*stole these three images from Ashley's KS homepage here*


  1. What a great post Jeni! So much truth in the words you write. Sure glad to know a brave woman like you! -Katie Wade-Neser

    1. Oh Katie! I miss you. You know I think of you every July - that's when you took me under your wing at girl's camp (do you remember that??) and quite literally changed my life as the new girl in STG. You're one of the bravest, best women I know. Good to the core. I love you!

  2. I love this, especially that second to last paragraph. Such a good reminder. Xoxo

    1. Thank you for being so beautifully brave, Ashley. You're absolutely wonderful. xoxo


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