Friday, July 31, 2015
I look forward to this anniversary post every summer -- what wedding photos will I dig up and re-share?? I chose the cake smash this year. That was a fun moment. Ryan had to remind me who smashed first - "You did, my dear." Duh, why'd I even ask?  Ryan wouldn't have smashed a fruit fly on me then, his brand new bride. My gentle man wouldn't do so now.

I could also dig up a handful of metaphors about how marriage gets better with age - it's like cheese, wine, yada yada. But man alive it is true! The longer you work harder to be better together - especially when being better takes some real work from you - the more beautiful your life is for sure. Our fourth year of marriage was the rockiest yet. It was in no way earth-shattering, clearly, but being pretty used to each other + experiencing some life stressors brought out our ugliest sides. Mostly mine. It always starts with me. And I'm not just saying that to butter Ryan up. 99% of the time, I'm the one that first finds the problems, snaps, or sulks. I could blame it on all the demands and adjustments to motherhood or law school or both, but really, I've just had to grow up. This year found me with plenty of opportunities to change my perspective from "What are you doing for me, Ry?" to "What am I doing for my Ry?" Sometimes I switched from selfishness to selflessness on a dime. And sometimes I did not.

And because Ryan loved me through all of my growing pains, I love him. Absolutely adore him. He agrees - my patience with his maturing moments made him fall harder for me. Forgiving each other consistently - almost daily - was the cherry on top of our fourth year together, so of course it left us stronger and more in love than it found us. Counting on year five to do exactly the same!


Year one's photos. We celebrated that year with a whole lot of baby Olivia prep, like re-building the rocker

Year two's photos. That year we skipped up to Park City. Dreamy. 

Year three. We were mid-move to VA and a semi swamped, so nothing there but an Insta. We celebrated with a temple date!

Year four, photos up above. This year we grabbed a Groupon for a couples massage, and let's just say we got what we paid for. Twas a memorable, laughable hour together and with our non-English speaking, male, Chinese masseuses. :)


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