Tuesday, July 21, 2015
We did not think that we would see this day while here - a day (and a night!) in Yosemite. But thanks to our new, dear friends, the Dwyers, a trunk full of loaned camping gear, and some last-minute, spontaneous craziness on our end (as always), we saw Yosemite. 

We love the mountains, so you'd think we would've camped by now in our marriage, but this was our first time ever. And I still can't believe it happened in Yosemite!! The park's campsites get booked for the whole year like, in February. However, our friends learned that there are a few non-reservation, first-come-first-serve campsites and - they are amazing - they went to Yosemite early Friday morning (talking early, like 3:30 AM) and snagged a spot. As soon as we could on Friday (talking late - like 8:00 PM - Ryan was interviewing all day on Friday), we prepped for Yosemite and headed down the 101 at 6:30 AM Saturday morning. 

Yosemite, the park, is HUGE. Its granite mountains are huge. This was rounding the river bend as we drove into the park...our first sights of the granite!
 HUGE, right?! The place is grand and amazing. I've fallen in love.

Half Dome! That iconic wonder. We hiked a few miles up the mountain to a lookout to get this view. The hike was a little crazy - like it should probably be tackled sans babes. But the three girls were so good, and we all finished a little stronger than when we started, carrying those three. Win-win.
Our crew! Plus our shirtless Aussie friends to my right. ;)
I had to include this one. Hello, real life! Lately 9/10 of our photos look like this. 
 About 1/10 look like this. :)
Olivia was such a rockstar. She demanded that she have some time to hike, so in those silly little sandals (mom fail), she hiked up about five of the sixty switch backs, and then once off the mountain, she ran everywhere we went. I loved seeing her work so hard to be "stwong and fast." She's growing up, that angel girl.
Post hike, we cleaned off  and cooled off in the stunning lower falls...
Those two tiny babes! Watching them peek out over their backpacks + falling asleep on their dads was just a little darling. 
And that, my friends, is when the camera died. And I wanted to cry (because I'd had the thought, "You should charge the camera battery," but I replied "Nahhh, the battery's full!"). But instead of crying we used Ryan's iPhone (crying gives me a headache).

We camped at Bridalveil Campsite, which is 45 minutes above Yosemite Valley. We cruised up those granite rocks and through all of those trees for a long while.
 Stopped for a shot of El Capitan, the big clif on our left, and Half Dome waaaaay back there (can you see it??) in the same frame. Stunning!
And then we set up our part of the camp! We borrowed everything we needed from the bishop of our church congregation. That's one of the sweetest things about the church, I think. You can go anywhere in the world, and the members in that area will take you in and treat you like family - even if you're there for a fast three months. Back in May, the bishop asked what we wanted to do this summer, and of course Ryan said camping, and he said, "Well borrow everything from me when you go. I've got you covered." And he so did. We are still feeling so grateful for his willingness to share!
Angela, my darling friend, was a genius to bring along this plate -- Olivia fell in love and claimed it immediately. When we asked her what her favorite part was of the camping adventure, she said "Oh the pwincess pwate. (sight) I wuv it soooo much." Yes.
And that's all for pics! An abrupt ending to an adventure that went long into the night - tin foil dinners! Smores (next time I will listen and charge the battery)!  Let it be remembered that our first camping adventure was a brilliant success. We slept well. The girls were angels. We were not cold (miracle). We camped in YOSEMITE. My cup runneth over.

PS, I'm the first to say that this video is lacking footage. Good footage, at that, haha. I didn't think I'd make a video of this trip, but we were dance party-ing it up in the car, and I started filming us because? I can't remember now, but I'm glad I did because we dance and sing in our car and I don't want the girls to forget it. Now our funny ways are memorialized. Anyway, the videoing continued from there. Video is priceless. I want more of it in our family's life!

Music in video via here (for free)! I came across this one last night and was sold. I mean, it synched with my grooves! But to any videographers out there, where do you find your tunes?? Please enlighten me!


  1. Olivia in that video. Oh my. THAT melts my heart! I love freshly woken babes! You guys are too fun.

  2. You know Angela Dwyer? She is like one of my all-time favorite people, EVER. You are just like her, too! go figure! two amazing women. so fun!! small world.


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