Thursday, July 30, 2015
Our second-to-last big, California adventure (gasp -- second-to-last?!) was spent in wine country biking Sonoma! You know that awesome 90's remake of Parent Trap? That was set in Napa, and Napa and Sonoma are neighbors, so picture that film's setting and voila! Our day. We loved it. 

If you ever get a chance to visit wine country, bike it! Rent bikes from Sonoma Valley Cyclery. They provide a map of a fab 13-mile bike route around the city and its five main vineyards, and it ends back at the bike shop. Their gear was stellar. Despite the bike trailer being the comfiest one I've ever seen, Claire hated it. She cried the whole time, just like when we biked Los Gatos. We thought that her dislike then was an isolated event because that bike trailer wasn't comfy -- not! Crossing my fingers that she'll have a change of heart with age. Remember when Ryan and I biked SF back here? We determined then that our family is going to have biking adventures - they're too much fun. So C-Baby, please oh please change your ways! I think she will. 

First sight of Sonoma! 
Snapped a pic of the car we've been using this summer as we rounded the corner to the cycle shop. We swapped cars with our Stanford law friends who are interning in DC. Convenient, right? PS, this exact car was beaten up by a wild BOAR the very next night while Ryan was driving back from Monterey. Insane, I know. I hope to tell the story here asap (shared a smidgen on Insta). So here's a pic of the Jeep while it was still looking classy. :) 
The cherry on top of this trip was that my sister, Elise, was with us last weekend and in on this adventure!  Glad she was around to geek out with me when we passed the original Williams-Sonoma store. I mean, Ryan appreciated it - he asked me to snap photos of the patio/grill area for our future home (that we'll have in like, 25 billion years, right??) But Elise got it like a sister can/would. If Claire would've been a little happier, we would've gone inside the store, but what we did get to see was pretty lovely. 
The patio/grill area. Too pretty. I really did save these pics for the future home. Thank you for existing, Pinterest. 
Then it was back on the road through the city and its vineyards...
We got lost...
...and got help from a nice, passing biker. Get this. That guy is 63, and he had just finished a 75-mile bike ride. YES. 75 miles. In one day. I'm amazed. 
Entering the vineyard!
This vineyard had a real-deal winery with wine tasting all around. We opted out of having wine (of course), and Elise asked if there might be some grape juice around for sampling instead?? They said no (of course). :)
I loved this one. Snapped it while riding. Those grape vines and palms scream NorCal to me. 
Also snapped while riding - the only shot I got of the girls that day. I knew I should've grabbed their picture before we started, but we thought if we started biking fast that Claire wouldn't cry (ha).
Because see? Bless her heart! The saddest Claire I've ever seen. It was hard to know what to do...we were half-way through the ride when we realized, "Okay wow, baby girl's not going to cut the tears," but rather than turning around we forged ahead to the finish line. Her tears made us movely quickly, to say the least. She was totally fine when we stopped at the winery; she was fantastic the second we pulled her out of the trailer back at the shop. As long as she wasn't in the trailer, she was fabulous.
Doing things like this with babies can get rough, obviously. They cry (ahem). Sometimes they whine. They need food and bathrooms and diaper changes. But I'd be a liar if I told you that they didn't make things like this better.

I get this all the time, "Wow, your hands are FULL," and my response every time is the cheesiest but too true -- "Soooo full of joy!" Little ones know how to soak up the moment. They awe at the big things and appreciate the little things. As long as they're listened to, fed, and feeling clean (and not in a bike trailer, if you're Claire ;) ), I know of no other group that is more easy going and adaptable. Or entertaining. It takes work to adventure, but "full hands, full hearts" is about how the saying goes, yeah? Too true!


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