Friday, July 10, 2015
I have all the big DSLR photos from our last (super adventure) week ready to go (our Awerkamps came to town!!), but I've been beat by a headache tonight. But I still want to write! I'm grateful for this space and that I can hash thoughts out here. I have my paper journal, too - just wrote in that one - but there's something about typing, yeah? It's fast. And that soft click click click from the keyboard -- mm.

Life is unreal sometimes, isn't it? It's up and down, awesome and awful, happy and hard. Maybe not awful - that's a strong word - but down and hard, at times, for sure. Right now is not one of those down, hard, or awful times for us. Still gratefully living the summer of our dreams. Maybe our life is awesome and awkward?? Our life plans are kind of changing (where are we going to end up??), and since I don't know what's even happening here, really, that's all there for now. But wow, time and time again, you think you've calmed the waters of life only to have them roused and riled up again. Either by your own actions, the world, or heaven above.

But I guess that's how waves are. In and out. Calm and crashing. And you know - that calm+crashing contrast of movement of waves is my favorite part of the ocean. So the awkward is okay. Opposition in all things, right? Can't taste the sweet without having had some bitter.
One iPhone snap from last week for now. Just threw it back to this one on Insta (didn't think I'd share it here, but what's a post without a pic??) On the steps of the beach house. I didn't know we were all matchy matchy with this scene till the pic was snapped, but hey I like!


  1. Jeni,

    I love your blog and your ever-present faith and optimism. Certainly the awkward is simply Divine guidance leading you along...Anyways, I read through this go-to talk of mine tonight and thought of you and your post of a few days/weeks? back. perhaps you read this one already, but if not, it tugs at my heart and motivates me from deep within. You'll love it.


    pretty sure you are already a great woman. and a lovely, faith-filled one at that.


    1. This was fabulous, April! Thank you sooo much for sharing. iE, loved this part:

      "No one will need more of your time and energy and attention than your family. Their needs will not go away...But there is the advantage that in working twenty-four hours a day on family relations, you are working on eternal relations as well."

      Thank you again for sharing. YOU are a great woman!


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