Thursday, June 18, 2015
Ryan worked in the SF office on Wednesday, so we girls hopped up to the (big) City to play. SJ is quite the city, too (I adore living downtown), but SF is known as the City in these parts, so to the City we went. We only had a couple hours before Ryan finished working, so we did just a smidgen of Golden Gate Park. We went to the museum side, opted out of paying for admission into the science museum after all (too much $$ for our too little time), and instead soaked up the beauty while we found a good ol' playground. Cannot go wrong with a playground! I try and make one part of the party for the girls whenever we're out. Keeps them moving in familiar ways, AKA we all stay happy and sane. 

GG Park is San Francisco's Central Park - miles wide and full of all things amazing. It's the first thing we're doing when we come back to the City. Which had better be sooner than later...we have just over a month left till we're back in VA (wha?!?) The fact makes me so happy and so sad in one big blast.
My best friends!!!
 The science museum, where we did not go. Next time (check out those grassy domes on the roof)!!

The playground for the day!
Time's so crazy. And life with two kids + time is really crazy. An hour passes in a blink after you get them outta the car, all geared up, oh wait - change a diaper quick - into the stroller, run/walk to wherever you're going, play, oh wait - time to go! - repeat all of the above. Such was the story at GG Park, which is why we are going back for more soon or else.

Because an hour passed fast and it was off to find our man! And then to our friends' place. David and Cara are another UVa couple out here and they were/are angels -- they watched the girls while Ryan and I went to dinner. By ourselves. He surprised me with that plan and I literally jumped into his arms when he told me he'd arranged it all. A baby-less date hasn't happened since Fe-b-ru-a-ry. We walked and ate and talked and vowed to never go that long without a date again (so embarrassing, really. We've got to improve there!!)
Up to Nob Hill to meet up with the crew -- Claire, me, and Cara (she's an angel)!
Then back to their apartment for hot chocolate because SF is Alaska in the summer. Oh my heavens!! The wind was big and bitter. Pretty sure it was Mark Twain that said that the coldest winter he'd ever experienced was summer in San Francisco. Amen, Mr. Twain. But till next time, SF (because we still love you). Be back soon!!


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