Friday, June 26, 2015

I wrote a post at the end of May about the positive side of leaving my business -- I've been able to just mother. Yesterday I wrote a post to balance that one out, because while the (super relieving + refreshing) month of May was all about soaking up mothering, during June I couldn't shake this desire/feeling/thought to "stay sharp, mama," and June found me digging my hands into ventures other than home and babies.

I'm glad I didn't publish the post last night, because this morning I studied "The Role of Righteous Women," and in it a former prophet for my church gave a spot-on summary of what I'd been thinking about that balance -- about being an invested, focused mother (if that's your lot in life) while using your talents to do mega good in and out of your home. Take a look:

"Some women, because of circumstances beyond their control, must work. We understand that. We understand further that as families are raised, the talents God has given you and blessed you with can often be put to effective use in additional service to mankind. Do not, however, make the mistake of being drawn off into secondary tasks which will cause the neglect of your eternal assignments such as giving to and rearing the spirit children of our Father in heaven. Pray carefully over all your decisions."

I love that. That explains a whole tribe of my mama friends, and why so many women put their God-given talents to use "in additional service to mankind" --- Melanie, whose crazy-amazing talents when applied evolved into a business (and additional businesses since). Lizzy, who founded The Small Seed (not a biz, but a major labor of love for others). Marilee and Jess - whose natural business talents are shining at Let's Playground.

I cherish that I can "just" mother. But there's nothing like having dirty hands -- hands smack dab in the middle of something that does good in the world (and/or that for provides for a family - you providing women are HEROINES)!

IE, my own mom. The pallets up in that photo are my mother's. She took a watercoloring class at night when she had 5/6 of us kids. We have some precious originals to prove it, but product aside, her effort alone to stay sharp speaks volumes to me now about how to be. My mother loved me, she loved her mothering job. But she was a person with talents, and she sharpened those babies up and shared them.

One more line from that talk: "Again, you must be wise in the choices that you make, but we do not desire the women of the Church to be uninformed or ineffective. You will be better mothers and wives, both in this life and in eternity, if you sharpen the skills you have been given and use the talents with which God has blessed you."

I couldn't believe the webpage as I read it, honestly. He used the exact wording that had been rolling through my head! "Stay sharp, mama!" So I've been up to stuff behind the screens. Which is true for every woman, I'd bet. I think it's part of our nature to stay sharp. We know that the more polished we are, the better off our families, and the world, really, will be. 


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