Monday, June 8, 2015
We were given the chance to go to Disneyland for the day (Saturday) and we took it. Duh - when in California!! On Friday morning, Em flew in from Utah to come. We called her on Thursday and invited her to come and she CAME. She is so much fun. After she arrived in SJ, we picked up Dad from work and cruised that 101 southbound. We went to Disneyland last May, and I thought Olivia loved it then, but one year older and wiser, too, holy mackeral! Since we had just one day to party, we set the lowest expectations of what'd we do and see, and I'd say it was our best Disney day yet...
Olivia didn't love the rides - "too scawee for me, Mom" - but she loved the carousels. 
Great story here. This is my sister-in-law-to-be's family! We were walking along and I noticed Amy's mom from pics we've seen of the Andersons, pulled her from the crowd, and we officially met the parents (and the sisters). They're darling. I'm thrilled for my brother - he's joining a great clan, come September, and we're gaining a winner sister!
Babies are sleeping. Let's jump.
Topped off the day - pre-parade - with a lollipop, cones and a chocolate chip cookie (for me) from that sweet shop on Main Street. That cookie is THE best cookie in the world, I'll have you know. Next time you do Disney, get one or else. Till next time, Disneyland!


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