Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Ryan's been a working man for one week now. And he's happy! Hallelujah. We met him for lunch today. Based off the fabulous food, setting, and company (our man!!!), we'll see ya next week, Adobe (and the week after that and the week after that...)
We're really grateful for this experience. Really grateful. It's giving us a taste of corporate legal work and the Silicon Valley - two things we're interested in for the long haul.

Because law school is a funny thing -- your full-time job is determiend two years in advance. By August of your second year (so in a couple months for us), you are interviewed by firms from all over the country. And whatever firm offers you a job - that's it! That's your job. There's your family's future. So having an idea of what we're getting ourselves into via this summer, and asking ourselves (this very second, actually) So is this what we want?? has been beyond helpful. We're getting the tiniest glimpse of what we want for our lives. So far, it's so good. 


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