Friday, June 5, 2015
Today we woke up happy (we're morning girls). We played on the bed while Dad got ready for work. Olivia jumps, Claire rolls. I catch them both, intercepting the injuries. Dad left for work, and I pulled out the good word and read it out loud. Most of my scripture study happens that way these days -- I read aloud, think aloud, and jot my thoughts and feelings down while my babes do their thing. It's not the most isolated route, but I so love starting the day off on that foot, so the AM is when it happens. I'm also okay with this approach because the girls are listening. Olivia has often has questions about whatever she catches and they challenge me just right. Peeling away the Book of Mormon's people and their stories to their cores so that a 2.5-year-old can kind of get them --- I'm coming to understand the basics pretty basically that way.

The rest of the day was a good time. Except for the most horrendous resistance of bedtime just now that this family has seen YET. What in the world?!?! Babes. I often do not get you. Love, your mother. 

What do I call all that crying before the crash, the fight before the fall? Because they so fought and they just seriously fell.

Those girls. :)


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