Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today was a little weird, but holding Claire tonight calmed me down.

Claire is a peacegiver. She has been mine, especially, since forever. I felt that about her nature and our relationship when she was born. And it was amazing - my world started to rock just two weeks into her little life, and over the next few months as life got rockier, she hunkered down as a strong anchor for my soul. Of all people and things, who wouldda thought that a tiny, newborn, needy little baby would give me the most solace? Not me. I was not expecting that. But that's indeed how life was with her. All I had to do was hold her and the world's stress left.

One of motherhood's best perks, for me, has been developing real relationships with my daughters. Olivia and Claire both help me loads. I care for them, yes, but they tend to heal me when I most need it. When I need to laugh, when I need to let go and play, when I need to chill out -- they're there for that. I'm so grateful for them.


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    1. Ditto, my dear. We're doing Disney tomorrow (in CA). I want to do Disney in FL with you one day!!


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