Wednesday, June 17, 2015
A new friend here reached out over the weekend - she texted me - "Hopefully you're not going to stir crazy in SJ...I'm out of town for the week but let's catch up asap." (sweet friend, right? Grateful for her!) I replied and told her no way jose. We've been adventuring and simultaneously laying back. It's like every other day - we go out and stay out, we stay home and go just as far as the neighborhood park. I like life this way. A little back and forth, give and take. The girls do, too. Two days ago Olivia woke up and said, "So where we goin' today, mom!" I like that attitude, girl! And then Claire Bear, you can see the relief on her face when I lay her down to nap in her crib. It's like, oh thank heaven for a soft place to rest my tiny head.

We were in Palo Alto a lot last week. Last Friday night we had dinner + mosied around University Ave downtown (such a great downtown, that one). We visited some church friends there on Sunday. Then we were back last night, Monday, for a BBQ with said friends. These are new friends, too, and we're grateful for them. No matter where we go, friends are very much instantly found and made via going to church. I am most grateful for that!

Olivia walked straight through the (dreamy) house and, literally, into the pool. I was like, "Whoa girl! You're not in a swimsuit!" and she looked up at me like, what the heck mom, so what? Miss Fish was happy to be wet. Note to self: next time pack her suit.

Today we went a few blocks south to the fountains at the heart of our downtown. The girls loved them. Last time we went, it was 70 degrees instead of 90 like today and the girls didn't love the fountains. Grateful they did today, though, because today was hot, and I did not want to go back to the Blue Cottage. Get outside and stay outside is my motto on our adventure days. We lived it today and so I loved today.


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