Thursday, June 25, 2015
I got a text from Ryan right as we pulled into SJ after strawberry picking on Tuesday...

"Want to go to a Giants game tonight? I was offered two free tickets. 

"We'd be in seats where they serve you stuff. Once in a lifetime opportunity." 

And then this - "The Giants are the baseball team from San Francisco."

I laughed out loud, because bless the man's heart, I am a stinky sports wife. I don't know teams, I don't know ranks, I don't know anything about the big games (I konw, I know, I'm a terrible American). I love tennis! I do tennis. But footabll, basketball, baseball...?

Anyway, the Laneys (those saints!) came to the rescue and watched Olivia last second, and we ran up to San Fran for the funnest big sports game I've been to yet. Loved it! I need to up my big sports anty. The game was a blast. I didn't just people watch per usual, I watched the game (!!) Maybe it was AT&T Park? Stellar stadium. Sitting so close to the field was awesome. I loved being with my Ryan (this was our second date since February. Yikes)! It wasn't too cold,  it wasn't too long. The whole thing was a summer night dream.

Claire Bear got to join us and I'm soooo glad she did. She is such a dream. She made everyone around us drool. I mean, she was for sure the only baby (in pajamas and her Peru hat, no less, her warmest clothes) in close proximity. But babies are magic. They warm people right up. Third-wheel any time, Bear. :) 

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