Friday, May 29, 2015
May is my favorite month of all. It's bright and beautiful and full of new energy. School ends, summer starts. All tends to turn right in May. This year's May has been espeically sweet. Packed with back-to-back bouts of joy, I'm looking back on the last 30 days with a lot of love and so much thanks. 

The whole month included big bangs. In the first week, I turned 24 (!!), I officially left my business (see two posts down), Ryan finished his first year of law school -- the biggest bang of all! We playyyyed after his last exam, and then packed our bags in a single night for our summer life (Ryan is interning in the Bay) before we flew away from Charlottesville we flew for California. First, some pics of our playing in Virginia and not working at all...

My birthday party spread. All I wanted was fresh flowers, my girl, Candice's, amazing pie, and friends filling up my patio. Got them all!
 Birthday hot tubbing with more of my girls (there are like 30 grad school wives at UVA. It's heaven). 
Ryan's last day!!!! Took him from his last final to an early dinner, and then to Chris Greene Lake with the masses to celebrate the end of the school year.
Miss O jumped in the lake. :)
 Next day - pool day! We should have been packing this whole day for our summer away from home. Instead we played. Worth it.
Finally, the next day -- Utah! After 27 HOURS (no lie - should've taken nine hours) of traveling from VA to UT, we made it! We went straight from flying to good ol' Cubby's for dinner with our siblings. There are NO words for how much I love this crew. 
Cousins reunited, and then gorgeous Autnie Em and Claire...I adore these photos!
Next day for a few days -- it was dear St. George! My best friend was married and it made for such a needed, happy high school reunion. Life's chapters are so good because of the people that make them up. My St. George chapter was so good. I adore my St. George people.
Lucky us, we got QT with The Uncles while home. Olivia calls Ryan's brothers (there are six of them total) "her guys" because they're doting angels and she knows it. We love The Uncles!
And then there's this crew. Our parents have helped us so much in the last six months. You think that you can handle life the older you get, and that maybe you'll leave your parents alone, but nah. Never. I find myself relying on them more and more and more.  Grateful for them!
Then we drove back to Provo, boarded an Allegient flight for Oakland, and the rest is turning into history (see the next posts!)...


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