Thursday, May 28, 2015
A bittersweet bang from May - I left my business, Let's Playground. Bitter, because the business was so personal for me. I prayed and worked for that baby in order to have some income for our family while Ryan is in law school (see this article HERE for more history deets). I started it with an incredible friend. The mat itself came from how I personally mother (see previous posts HERE and our Kickstarter video HERE). But then the leave has been so sweet, because hellooo, I'm with my girls again!!

I've seen that there's this pressure nowdays felt by some moms to add something to the plate, like a side business, in order to be legit. And there's nothing wrong with a necessary side business or job. But if you don't really need to do that kind of thing, sheesh, don't worry about it! My heart kind of aches thinking of the women that may think that having a side something (business, job, etc.) makes for a successful life. I ache if that's the vibe I gave.

Seriously, here's my clarion call to all the mamas out there that have wondered, maybe, if being "just" a stay-at-home mother is a good enough gig - - YES. It is. No question. You're growing people. Good, brilliant, bright people that will love you for loving them. As great as nurturing a side business can be, that kind of baby will never love you back. Nothing can ever match the returns on the investments of motherhood.

Plus, new mom energy fades and children expire. There is no time like the present to just be a mom! It's a gift. Terribly grateful that it's mine.


  1. Jeni. I wanted to thank you for this post. It came exactly at the right time. Motherhood is never applauded enough. Congratulations on the beautiful, amazing mother that you are. I LOVE being a mother, but we all need reminders of the blessing to be at home with our children. Love- "just" a mom, and proud of it!-Julie Judd

    1. Anything to help us focus on what/who matters most, right?? Not to say that we shouldn't keep our hands at work in our happy places -- I'm a better mom when I have my projects -- but we definitely don't need to feel pressured to do something because others are. Thanks for your sweet sweet comment. I love you, Julie!!


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