Friday, May 29, 2015
Our first California Adventures have been wild. This Bay! It's incredible. Adventuring is breezy. Everything is so accessible. You can drive about 45 minutes in any direction here and you're somewhere on the map. It's a thrill. 

The Muir Woods, north of SF, was our first stop. We chose a route that took us over the GG Bridge - Olivia has been talking about the bwidge for months (we learned about it before coming out), so the drive was a thrill. 
Muir Woods is sanctuary, said Ryan. And amen! Its peace is unreal, considering how close it is to the city. Its peace was particularly unreal because Olivia slept the whole three hours we were there. Date time for Mama, Dad, and our snuggliest little Claire Bear.
We went home from Muir Woods via the East Bay, stopping off at the Oakland Temple just as the sun set. The temple is on a hill, so you get a view of the entire Bay from the grounds. The Spirit there is strong and real and something that our souls really needed to feel. Moving sucks the life out of you, especially spiritually (it throws off your groove)! So we devoured what we could of the temple's soul food - the grounds and Visitor's Center - and that alone filled us up. Come see us and we'll go again!
Then a couple days later - Monterey and Big Sur! AND Uncle BJ! Ryan's older brother is training to be a linguist for the National Guard in Monterey. We snagged him on his day off and the five of us hit the gorgeous California coast. The water was so blue, I was amazed. Come see us and we'll go again! 
These two girls are JOY. Pure pure pure pure joy. 
Then we skipped up to lovely Palo Alto for a day. We picnicked and played in the park - had the place all to ourselves (the second pic below from the park had me rolling -- Ryan looks naked and the girls' faces - in both pics - yesss). We saw the Silicon Valley from the Hoover Tower, which was awesome. Come see us and we'll go again! (haha, you catching my message?? Get out here and see us!)
For a cherry on top, a few from our summer home. The Blue Cottage is its name and it is lovely. The walls are yellow, the moldings are white, the blossoms surrounding outside have that smell and it's sooooo good.
Loving our California life. More to come! 

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  1. I'm coming for sure if Ryan will keep wearing those short shorts! Hahaha.


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