Monday, June 1, 2015
We went to a wedding yesterday. The venue was stunning - a lush vineyard in Livermore. My friend was stunning. I watched her and her new man for a while during the party (creepy? what? nah). They were as content as could be. Some brides are crazy happy on their wedding days, and Jenny was so happy, but it was a peaceful, confident kind of happy. I loved it. 

I know that kind of happy. When I learned that Ryan was crushing on me in high school (he told Sydnie, and Sydnie told me - thanks, Syd!!) - my confidnece totally revamped. Ryan Awerkamp liked ME?! The fact squelched some remaining teenage insecurities I had, especially about being beautiful. It was a wonderful thing. 

Amazing how being loved by someone you admire (or adore, in my case) can change you. Amazing how marrying that someone does change you. They want you for the really long haul, which kicks your confident-kind-of-happy levels up about 5,000 notches, so come hell or high water, you know you'll be alright!
California's golden summer hills. They're growing on me. And fast!
Olivia babe and her new, tiny dancing friends that she ditched for that soft blanket (she has a thing for soft blankets). 
 My date! Plus Claire, not pictured. She was leaning forward, pulling every fork, napkin, etc. etc. etc. off the table. Yes.

 These two, just after they walked off the dance floor. The band was awesome, the dancing was fab, and Ryan said that dancing with his baby girl was the funnest thing he'd done in a loooong time. Olivia said, "I'd wike to come back here tomorrow, pwease." We like your thinking, babe. Us, too. Such a good night.


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