Monday, November 10, 2014

A long, long time ago (as in July), Mare and I got together with the amazing Jenna Miller and had some professh photographs taken of the mats. Jenna and Mare are the oldest of friends, and after spending the day with them, I can see why. Jenna is funny, just like Mare, and her heart is gold, just like Mare's. We nearly died when Jenna delivered the photos (turn-around time was like, a few days, ah-mazing). They are perfect. We've been using them non-stop in all of our online mediums, but I wanted to give them a place here, too, for a selfish reason: I love these mats and want them in my history books. And so, enjoy some Playgrounds.

PS! Our Kickstarter campaign goes live in ONE WEEK. Holy. Next Tuesday, the 18, we're rolling. Wooo!

Again, for the books, a few snaps of my BP/BF (business partner/best friend) and me in action. Also, because I miss her loads, and these pics take me back to when we were together nearly every day. That was a heavenly time.
Thanks again to Jenna for these stunning gems. How they make my heart beat!!


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