Monday, November 10, 2014
My every single day consists of a few things. One of them is working on/for Let's Playground. There are other Priority B projects to mothering that I consistently give time to, but since last winter, Playground has a been a daily thing for me around here. And I'm in love with it.

I've never - not once! - thought twice about whether this business that Marilee and I have started is worth its costs. The product and our purpose run seamlessly alongside who I am, who I want to be, and what I do as a mother. Literally. Playing with Olivia sparked the Playground. Now the Playground sparks how I can be present with Olivia. It's a sweet, sweet cycle, I tell you. I constantly feel fulfilled.

EG: @letsplayground needed an Instagram, and the mat in action are some of my faves to share. Since Olivia and I have been collecting some awesome East Coast leaves whenever we've been out, I thought I'd marry the two things - mat + leaves - and we made a sparkly Thanksgiving turkey for the wall. I hadn't introduced Olivia to glue, glitter, or turkeys before, so we capitalized on all those teaching opps, too, as we made our leaves sticky and then sparkly, and then whipped out that turkey.

After showing her how to glitter one leaf, I let her run with the project and she sprinted! She didn't just sprinkle her first leaf, she dumped the whole bottle out, and after smearing the leaf around in the mess she said, "Oh pweatttty, mama."
I found myself holding my breath at first (glitter gets crazy), but two-year-old Olivia handled it! She loved it. I loved it. Making a silly little turkey out of paper, leaves, and glue - it took up our morning and made us another memory. And an Insta came out of it, too.

This win-win venture, love-love relationship with Let's Playground just leaves me feeling grateful overall. The more Tiny Babe has grown, the more I've wanted to zero in on my family and rock my roll as a wife and mom. So having a small business that makes mothering easier and fun - that's just a blessing. A big, fat blessing.


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