Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Here we are, she and I, with - give or take - just three weeks left. Probably give. I mean, I'd love to have my hip back in full swing and my tight back to not be so tight (I need a massage). I'd love to sleep deeply and to run so so so so fast...the sooner the  better, Bebe, but you do your thing!

Taking a step back, though, there is a lot about pregnancy that I totally love and will miss. I mean...

My hair. It's the thickest and longest it's ever been. Ever! I owe it all to her.

Her dance moves. She is so funny, this girl! I don't know what on earth she is doing when she makes my stomach wave better than a belly dancer's, but it's something impressive.

Olivia talking to my tummy. And talking about our baby in her tummy. She gets that her sister is in here cooking and coming soon. I am itching to see the chemistry between these two!

Ryan's adoring eyes. His eyes for me when I'm pregnant send me over the moon. It's not like he loves me differently - he's just still head-over-heels for a woman that's changed so much in the last nine months. I kind of can't get past how wonderful that is for a pregnant woman. Especially for me. Words don't exist to express how obsessed I am with him.

Clout and grace. They're the first words to describe how I often feel while pregnant. There is something so dignified, refined, and graceful about being the life-source for another person. And, really, to think that my body is growing a human body? What is more powerful than that! Literally a life-giver - what else gives a woman more clout? Nothing else showcases more grace, I'd say. I am so proud to be a woman.

Most of all, I'm really grateful that I have a shot at this pregnancy thing. There are many women in my boat, but then there are many that are not and that want to be. And that can break a woman's heart (seen it happen). I so respect my body for its capacity to grow and give life, but I adore even more for the woman that holds her head high, and still loves her pregnant friends and their children as she aches for her own. That there is a woman with clout and grace in every sense of each powerful word.

Here's to good, strong, faithful, kind, inspiring women. And to the last three weeks of this beautiful, beautiful adventure.  


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