Thursday, November 13, 2014
The countdown to Tiny Bebe's debut has switched from weeks to days and I'm a little blown away. Heavens, you guys, I'm going to have a baby (wha?!?)!

I'm ready. My body is so ready. Life is funny. It turns on you. I just shared how I've loved being pregnant, and I'm suddenly so done being pregnant. My muscles are sore - like tendons and ligaments. I'm moving slowwwwly. In one week's time, sleep has turned from great to almost non-existent. 

But I'm still thrilled and grateful that I've had another beautiful pregnancy. I've been thinking about why my pregnancies have been OK, and I wanted to share a couple of those reasons here. When I was pregnant with Olivia, I scoured the internet for positive pregnant voices and how I could enjoy the experience. So this one's for someone out there like me, once upon a time, who may be looking for some hope and confidence that pregnancy can be a sweet thing.
1 | Set a couple goals, and take them to heaven via prayer. No lie. Include God in your pregnancy hopes and dreams. Then believe He will help you. When I learned I was pregnant with both of my little girls, I asked in prayer for the ability to exercise (see next point), to not have insanely bad cravings, to be able to sleep, to feel beautiful - you name it. All of the challenges of pregnancy won't be taken away (I tell you, I've eaten a million chocolate chips in the last nine months and I've stopped sleeping), but nothing is impossible for Him to do for someone with a believing heart. 

2 | Exercise! And in order to exercise well while pregnant, start way before that baby starts growing. It's kind of like two scouts on a backpacking trip. The boy with exercised muscles pre-hike will handle the climb with that extra backpack weight much easier than the boy whose muscles aren't that strong. Find your exercise niche, enjoy it, and watch your body hardly skip a beat as it keeps running (literally) while growing another human. 

My exercise loves are the following: running (it's free), yoga (I like these free podcasts), and Physique 57 (tones the muscles in a miraculous way). 

3 |  Be grateful! Through happy days, sad days, healthy days, crazy craving days - keep a grateful heart for the chance to give another person life. Gratitude turns what you have into enough, right? Also, "Comparison is the thief of joy," said T.R. The only directions a pregnant woman should look while pregnant are forward and up. None of that side to side stuff.

The end - of this post and pretty much this pregnancy. Enjoy a photo of Miss O and one of her faces. That girl!! She's one of the most hilarious in the world. I adore her.
POST SCRIPT: I can see how the sister who is constantly sick while pregnant might hate this post. There are so many who are lucky to get off the couch, let alone exercise! While there's always something tough about pregnancy, birth, and mothering for every woman (no one gets off too easy!), to the women in my life and in the world who fall into the "I get sick" ranks, I salute you with all of my heart!


  1. You are so cute! I can't believe you're almost done! We would love to have Olivia over to play when you need a helping hand!

  2. I cannot believe I just stumbled across this interview of you and your hubby, on nurturing marriage, and (other than having a huge smile the entire time) I was getting goosebumps and remembering all those times you counseled and advised me. I've always been amazed at your wisdom!! I loved what ryan said about how you build others up to feel wonderful- nailed it.:) I'm just so happy to see your pretty smile,and hear of your optimism and strength in your posts! And a huge congrats on your delightful little Olivia and precious girl to come! You bless (me) SO many with your example and kindness. Thank you!! So much love,
    Tessa mecham

  3. Jen!
    I keep checking to see if you have done a new post or not. I am sure you are CRAZY busy, but I miss seeing your posts!

    Also, just letting you know I nominated you for a liebster award. Details on my blog. haileyjosephine,blogspot.com... totally don't have to do it, just thought I would throw it out there.

    love you


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