Monday, November 3, 2014
This year's Halloween was a good one. Like a really, really good one. Mostly thanks to Olivia and our friends. I'm a broken record, but life is better with a toddler (everyone should have one). And holidays are the epitome of how much more fun life is with a two-year-old, so it was a good thing that the Halloween hoopla started a week before the 31 this year. I'm typically a Halloween...not scrooge, not miser...I'm just okay that it comes and goes pretty quickly, you know (so what does that make me)? But the week's worth of time spent in costumes and with pumpkins was bueno.

It started off with a costume party + candy carnival at Dad's school...
Olivia is asking about a giant pig here - "Wats dat, mama?" I don't know who was in that pig costume, but they were troopers. They played with Miss O for a solid 15 minutes, and then she followed him/her around for the rest of the night.
...the happiest picture on earth (if only it had sound). I'm so stinking in love with her.
And then on the 31, we all dressed up for the big Halloween to-do of Charlottesville - trick-or-treating on The Lawn. Olivia was still our Tiny Ballewina, and since I was given a $0.00 budget for mine and Ryan's costumes, I was a lumberjack. Ry was the man in the yellow hat. Both costumes sprang from what clothes and accessories we already had...

Flannel shirt (comfiest thing ever): Ryan's. $0.00.
Ax: a wooden spoon + a duct taped piece of cardboard. $0.00.
Curious George: Olivia's (she protested sharing him). $0.00.
The yellow hat: a yellow paper plate + construction paper. $0.00.

Priceless, right?? :) Ryan was so proud that I didn't even spend a dime.

And as for photos go, that's it. My camera died just after I snapped that pic of Ryan - and I'm still sick about it - the rest of our Halloween was spent at The Lawn with friends and it was so fab. The whole city was for sure there (it was soooo crowded), but it was worth it. And the dinner we had with friends after The Lawn - it was so fun, too. The night was all about Halloween, but when it ended I was bursting with thanks. I am so grateful for our friends here! There are so many of them, I can't believe it. If you want to go to grad school, come to UVA for the friend scene - at least. You'll be glad you did.

Cheers to you, Halloween 2014. You won. Now on to Thanksgiving!! 

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    Oh my goodness, I'm dying.
    She is the sweetest thing ever.


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