Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Last week - for the first time ever - Ryan had a fall break (BYU didn't have that luxury), and we capitalized on 24 hours of his time off in Washington! First, we went to the temple. Then, Ryan and some classmates attended a small oral hearing at the Supreme Court with all the Justices present.  Afterward the UVA kids met with one of them, and Ryan gave the day five stars. I no longer have those “I can’t believe I live in Virginia!” days, but when we skip up to the nation’s capital for a field trip like that for him, and to play around the National Mall like it’s the local park for Olivia and me, a neon sign pops up to remind me that we live in a fun corner of this world. We're blessed to be here.

Of course Olivia and I had a good time trekking this side of the city (grabbed some Good Stuff burgers for lunch - if the burger can't be homemade, then let it be from there). The Mall can't be beat, but when we met Dad at the Court - that's when the magic happened. My heart is wrapped around these two together, let me tell you...
Had to see the fountain on the other side, too...
I'm in love with these photos of that duo, and I’m even more in love with that 24-hour adventure now than when it was happening. The law school train sped up ten notches since last week, and Ryan is suddenly Super Busy Man. All the first-years are headed toward finals week at full speed. Yes, the finals week, which is in De-cem-ber. Everything rides on those exam scores for these law school people, though, so this heat was expected. I tell you, the up-front pressure with this graduate degree is insane, but if anyone can cope with it, it’s Ryan. I’m too grateful for his calm, cool nature. You know that symbol of the perfectly balanced mercy and justice scales in the legal world? That’s us. Except we’re calm and drama.

I'm finding that two fabulous things happen when husband+dad is incredibly busy: I gush at his pictures as if he's far away, and the time that we do have together is like concentrated grape juice, only better. It's dense. And super sweet. 


  1. so sweet. me thinks my hubby and I are calm and drama, too. :) good luck!

  2. Love washington! Such a fun place to explore! Great pictures! They al melted my heart! Your family is too cute!


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