Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today I really loved Virginia. 

I’ve liked this state and our city loads since we came, but today I loved it. Driving along Charlottesville’s beltway at dusk, coming home from our favorite Pen Park, the tall tall tall trees loomed over in the brightest, crispest colors. Loose leaves fell like rain drops - one by one by one. The sun peeked through the trees and turned the leaves into red, orange, and yellow glowing jewels. I’ve missed Utah, Mount Timp (especially), and the canyon as autumn has taken over the world - everyone’s pictures from the West prove that I missed the best fall yet. But today, any void for my big, colorful, autumn mountains and what I’ve missed of that world with my people was filled up by the big, colorful, autumn trees and rolling hills of Virginia and what I have here. 


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