Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Possibly one of the best things about Olivia's grown-up-ness is that we're doing more traditional stuff as a little family. Shamefully, Ryan and I didn't start many (if any?) family traditions pre-Olivia. And it's taken us until Olivia has turned the ripe old age of two to really jump into things. AKA, I really admire those couples/mothers that don't wait until they have a toddler to get the traditions rolling and rocking, because it hasn't come that naturally for me. Props to you all!

But this year has been different in every good way regarding traditions, and I blame it on the mega change called "the move." Fresh starts in life can do wonders. As far as the fall traditions, so far this year we stole away to Carter Mountain, a Charlottesville classic, to apple pick and kick off fall+October. We went on a mini mini trip for fall break (DC)! We made a plan to carve pumpkins! Ryan came home a little early last night, Olivia determined that our pumpkin would be a cat, I picked up Trader Joe's apple cider, and we listened to the Little Women soundtrack while the party went down (that music equals the holidays for me). And we had a blast. This was a novel experience for Miss O - those are always fantastic - and carving a good ol' pumpkin with your own little family like you once did with your own bigger family was sweet. The feeling of home was really strong and I really liked it. 

This "Mom" woman that I'm becoming still gets me. Still boggles my mind that I'm here with my (huge) high school crush, Ryan Awerkamp, and our daughter(s) Olivia and Tiny Babe, running this show and conjuring up our family's culture. I definitely feel too young and normal to have such an influential, laudable role to my name, but I'll take it. Trying to walk in these wife-mother shoes has changed me so much for the better. I'm keeping them. 


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