Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I said yesterday that I'd be back to share this - the simple thing I stumbled upon that's sooo helped me to not worry about this roller coaster ride called "change" and to just enjoy its ride. 

Whoever this Jeanette genius is, she sounds like my mother. And the way she described the ups and downs of life when in the middle of change made me sing...from tightrope walking across Manhattan to not even brushing your teeth?? "This is normal. This is natural. This is change." 

I felt that same, giant contrast in confidence when I had Olivia. My first tiny baby, my first go-round of motherhood, my first attempt at being utterly selfless - some days rocked and some days did not. I wondered then, too, about how to mesh my old life with my new one. How was I supposed to marry the goals I'd always had for motherhood with its suddenly stark realities (mamas don't sleep)? Wait, who was I again?! I wanted my new life and the new me to be all-together awesome - new and exciting, yet comfortable, as before. But change just doesn't live like that, I learned. 

Slash, I'm learning. 

Change is up and down, in and out, normal and natural, and its unsettled nature doesn't have to end in unhappiness. Good thing, right? Good thing.


  1. I definitely needed this as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't it awesome?? Love you, April!

  3. Jeni, I came to see if there was a new post, and somehow ended up clicking on "i'm learning", and was sent to this amazing post. I really needed this today (this week, month...)! Thank you my friend. It's a huge relief to be reminded that everything is not going to feel immediately normal.

    1. Not immediately, heavens no, so we can be gentler with ourselves. I mean, I wish that it could, but where's the growing/learning in that (clearly)? I love you, sweet friend. I'm so glad you stop by here. Keep coming.


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