Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Let’s Playground launched last Saturday – the startup that Marilee have been investing our time, souls, sweat, and dineros into since the start of the year.

man. I typed that sentence out and literally sighed the biggest sigh e-ver. Basically, that launch was like standing up and saying, “Hi. We two BF’s with what we think is a great idea. We love this thing, and we think you will, too…” Which, my friends, is one of the most vulnerable moves I’ve ever made in my life. Because what if nobody cares??
But thankfully – oh so terribly thankfully! – people cared at the launch. They listened and they liked what we’re doing. People even bought Playgrounds because they caught the vision! Which vision is this: it's is a mat, yes, so probably the simplest thing ever. But these mats are as beautiful as they are useful. They are a place for you to be present with your friends and family. They’re a place to play, eat, talk, nap (I’ve seen it happen). Every Playground is an easy gathering place! And that part steals my heart…

Because as a wife, mom, and friend, gathering in those that you love doesn’t just happen. Fun memories together just don’t roll out of a camera. You have to be deliberate. You have to make a plan and make it happen. You need to roll out a space for you to be together – like a lovely mat. I didn’t just barely think up this mat-gathering concept; Olivia and I have been using something similar to sit down and gather each other in for messy play for a long time. But this – the Playground – is light years above. If the Playground were a home, it’d be a mansion. The product is too nice, and clean, and put together not to be.  
No doubt, we’re still nervous...I’m still nervous. This type of thing is full of vulnerable feelings. But vulnerability lends to courage, and what feels better than being courageous? Plus, I believe in what I'm doing and what "Let's Playground!" means.

“I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep…” – Robert Frost. So I'm running! With Mare and Ryan and all other kind people in tow (good thing I love to run).

I so hope you’ll join us for the race. Website here: lets-playground.com.


Video footage of the mats in action via on our Instagram account, @letsplayground. More video of the Playgrounds are coming. Follow us on Insta to stay in-the-know!

And isn't that the cutest freeze frame e-ver. ;)


  1. Jeni! I am so excited for you! Love the new website, love the new product! Seriously loving the one we have under our highchair right now, works wonders!

    Also, didn't know these were paint & marker proof! Genius! Totally need to get a bigger one for all our projects. Also, I'd love to feature you on my blog!

    So excited for this new adventure of yours. xo!

    1. You could not be sweeter, Lex. Thank you!! Let's chat about what you have in mind: jen@lets-playground.com


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