Friday, July 4, 2014
The hour is late. Too late for me to be on a laptop, but my paper journal is full (as of last night) so I'm hashing out my day here. Detoxing, you know. was good but kind of hard. This moving-across-the-country gigg is starting to close in on me like gray clouds. I don't think it's going to really rain - we're doing fine and will be great - but the horizon for the next two weeks looks a little heavy. There's just so much to do. We have so many decisions to make about how to get out there and when, and these decisions are expensive, and we need to make them like, now.

There's high air pressure. The end.
Next thought - since it is July 4! - I thought about sweet America while dish-doing tonight. I thought about the people that faced that really big storm, the Revolution. Those people had some serious decisions to make, too, the weightiest of all (maybe) being whether or not to keep having faith in something they couldn't see: their defeat against the Great Brits. Really, only God could make that win happen; they knew how meager they were. But could it, would really happen? Would He see them through?

Thank goodnes enough believed that America the Free could and would become, because Heavenly Father can't work without belief. Faith is His material for making a miracle.

So right this second, I'm working on having more of that faith...sometimes believing without seeing is rough. That kind of believing has yet to let me down, though, so I will trust.

Thanks for listening. And happy birthday, sweet America!

See last year's July 4 here. Especially if you want to see that image above twice :)


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