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Friday, July 11, 2014
GIRL. Tiny baby is a girl. !!!!!. 

And we are shocked! We thought tiny baby was boy. Our families were saying “boy” and so were the friends. I’ve had dreams about a little boy (he is as perfect as Ry), and when I was pregnant with Olivia, I dreamt about a girl so I was sold. This little one was a nino...

Our ultrasound appointment was early this morning. I’m 21 weeks along, so we were ready to catch a glimpse of this angel. The sonographer was so thorough. I loved her. We saw every nook and cranny of that baby’s healthy, growing body - all except for her lady parts. Heidi (the sonographer) turned off the screen right then and tucked that shot into an envelope, which we took home and resisted opening for a while.

Although, honestly, for a while we didn't know how we wanted to crack that envelope. Finally I thought of Malawi’s Pizza - and for a few good reasons. It’s one of our Provo food faves, and we’re trying to squeeze all of those in before we go. Also, they have killer fruit pizzas, so when the light bulb turned on to have them make us a custom fruit pizza per the baby’s gender (if they would??) – a strawberry one for a girl, a blueberry for a boy – we ran with it and sped over there as soon as Ryan’s finsihed working tonight at 9:00.

No one at Malawi's thought we were that crazy for asking them to make that pizza, those saints! The nicest girl delivered a box to our table, gender-specific fruit pizza inside, and when we opened it up…

Jaws dropped. Hearts leapt. Olivia dove for the food. Ryan and I gasped in schock and cheered for joy. Girl girl girl! And oh, I am grateful. Olivia will have a sister, something every little girl needs. This baby will have Olivia, which is pretty unique gift, I'd say :) They’ll have their moments (duh), but my heart tells me that those two are friends. Good friends. 

...and get out, baby just kicked me. In approval, I'm sure! ;)

Man I love my girls. I love my Heavenly Father for making me a mother again, and to another sweet woman-to-be. It's a privilege, you know, to raise a woman. Women have a strong influence these days, and I'm going to do my part so that my girls' effect on this world will be a good, great, virutous one. Praying to make that happen - twice in a row. 

My heart could burst. All is so well!!


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