Wednesday, July 9, 2014
So this moving thing is happening. Two posts back I was crying and all about how there’s so much to do and so little time and blablabla – which emotions still stand to a degree, can’t lie. But in the last 48 hours, we’ve booked one-way tickets, we’ve scheduled the moving company, we know when we’re going, and even though all the details aren’t worked out (there are still two crucial ones left unresolved), I am finally feeling like it’s OK. It’s OK! We've walked in the dark for a while, and we'll still have to in many ways, I'm sure. But this family is headed to the East Coast!! We are going. And all will be well.

We're selling some choice furniture pieces before we go - the red couch, ie. How I wish we had the moving room for it and that it could stay ours, but c'est la vie (if you want it to be yours, email me)!
Now we just need to find 100 moving boxes and get this apartment torn apart in the upcoming weeks...woo!


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