Tuesday, July 8, 2014
She napped until 5:00 PM yesterday (I know), so the second she woke up we were out the door for the park. We went to the prettiest park - with baby swings - because very little makes Olivia happier these days than swinging. I was more than happy to take five minutes and pack up her favorite foods and books so that we could stay out all night if we could…I had that outside bug. I want these mountains within my view as much as possible before we leave them.

So we stayed at the park till 7:30, and I’m certain we dipped into heaven for those two and a half hours. Mothering (a toddler, especially) isn’t always pretty and tranquil, but when it is, like last night, you can’t help but feel that everything in life is right. Olivia was overjoyed! She belly laughed in that swing as I tried so hard to catch her, but just missed her every time… :) There is a stream that runs through the park, and even though it was “Oh cohhhh, mama!” she couldn’t keep her hands and feet from it. We collected river rocks, of course, and she held them tight as we drove home.

We visited family and friends all the way till sundown – 9:00. Really, we didn’t go home! I was grateful for the time to be away, especially away with my sweet, sweet Olivia. I also have this bug to cherish her, because in an eye’s blink, my time will be split between two. Don’t get me wrong, we are so excited for tiny baby. But I’ll forever hold on to my dear Olivia as the patient, vibrant, loving girl that endured my first rounds of motherhood with an incredible smile. I’ll love her forever for that.


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