Monday, June 23, 2014
So I knew it had been a month, but I didn’t know it had been a month and one day. Oh my ;)

I’ve been posting on Instagram more frequently (I’m @jeni.a and Ryan is @ryanakamp) and of course an Insta can speak a lot in an instant, but it can’t always say enough. Or capture enough. Instagram versus a blog is kind of like a grocery store versus Costco. The one gives perfect, day-by-day quantities of food, the other incredible amounts for when you need the bulk. You need both, in my book.

So find more doses of what’s up on Insta; come over here for the big stuff.

And I'm serious about the big stuff. This post is a big recap of what’s happened to us in the last 31 days. And heavens, a lot has happened…

First, we’re moving! We finally made our law school choice: UVa it is.
Woo + woof! I am really happy that phase is behind us. Coming to that conclusion was so funny. We never had the strongest desire to go here or there or anywhere for school – every option was white. Finally Ryan and I both probed and probed back into our journals, thoughts, and feelings to see if there were any signs about a certain school being the one; talking aloud with our parents also helped tons. Finally, “Go to Virginia.” The answer surfaced.

That whole process taught me a couple things: God really never leaves you hanging. Even when He doesn’t answer your question outright in one sitting, if you look back (pretty humbly), you’ll see that He was answering you in the tiniest ways all along. The other lesson for me: there is not one “right” way that He answers your prayers. Heavenly Father shakes things up a bit, which helps us grow. It’s like learning to understand more than one language, which is nothing but awesome.

Second, we’re partying. We’ve been having soo much fun with our families and friends. So.much.fun. 
The following slew of photos is from our most recent family reunion. We're going to miss our people (pictured, not-pictured) when we're gone...
We've been playing loads of tennis. Yes! Miss Olivia is picking up on the fact that we love this game. One of her most recent words is "whac-ket." And the phrase, "Mama! Whe's whac-ket?!" 

Third, we’re talking faith. The new and improved Small Seed launched! Have you seen it yet? It’s so lovely. Check The Small Seed out on Instagram, too, @thesmallseed_. The team that's made this happen is powerhouse and dedicated and I'm lucky to be hanging onto their coattails. I love each of those ladies. I am so grateful for them and for that site!
Fourth, we’re entrepreneur-ing. One of my best best friends, Marilee, and myself are launching a business. On Saturday. Like this Saturday. Let’s Playground is our brainchild and it is so like a child! It has taken our constant attention and creativity to make it thrive (and it will take more oh so soon). And it’s been so good. Our sweet husbands have jumped on board with both feet – no doubt we’d already be sunk without their incredible help. I so love my Ryan, and I so love my partner, Mare. Words will never suffice there...

We designed and are manufacturing (like at this second) Playgrounds. Made of faux leather – for a good reason – with a suede backing, they are big and beautiful mats.  They’re literally the space for you to be on the same level with your littles, your spouse, your friends, your neighbors, with everybody.  They come in three different sizes: the mini, the midi, the maxi. They come in three different shapes: the circle, the square, the octagon. They come in the colors of the rainbow and more. Our tag line is “for park lovers and mess makers” because the Playground is a gorgeous, all-purpose, indoor-outdoor, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-tote (have I used enough hyphenated phrases yet??).
The first Playgrounds ever are being sold THIS SATURDAY at The Small Shop Roundup in Provo. After that, we’re launching online, and hosting pop-up shops (maybe in a city near you? J ) I’ll keep you posted with all the right links and information.

(PS, I so respect you entrepreneurs! My dad is one of them, and actually, I respect him the most. I must have a bit of his blood in me, because this business stuff is awesome. It is hard work. But it’s awesome).
Fourth, we’re having a baby. And we are thrilled (I like to save the best for last). 

More on that tomorrow. Let’s be real, we’re going to a birthday party tonight. More on that on Wednesday. Cheers!!!


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