Friday, May 16, 2014

BACK! Again. And again, I’m so glad to be back. This time I’m writing from a straight-backed airplane chair, not the comfy red couch that sits in my living room. I’ve just eaten too many packets of peanuts, and because the only place I want to be is home again (with my darling Olivia climbing all over me, I'm missing her so), I’m even more relieved to sit here, writing and reminiscing about that fabulous week in CA we just enjoyed with family.

Mmm, that California sunshine. The sun is the same around the globe, but actually…I think it did shine brighter between Newport and Anaheim while we were there with my family. It’s just been a really long time since the Gubs have stolen across the state line on a real vacation – say to the beach and Disneyland. The break was so enjoyed.

Day one of the trip was spent at Corona Del Mar near Newport – the best CA beach I’ve been to yet (that tube-ish seaweed was practically absentee)! Miss Olivia greeted that sand and sunshine so well. Not so much the cold water because she is her mother’s daughter. But all the messy playing, her cousins, and the warmth - yes! So did I.

Ryan loves the beach. If he could live by the beach and the ocean waves, he would, so maybe one day we will?? :)

My sister-in-law’s parents live on the Central Coast, and they drove the distance to spend the afternoon with us there, mostly to teach us how to surf. Talli’s Dad is a surfer dude, born and raised, and oh so legit. 
Two of favorite photos of Olivia yet. I can hardly stand those curves! And all the personality that is brewing in the girl. Olivia the toddler is the best Olivia yet. I am so in love with her!!
Smiles all around because of that beach. We had a really, really, realy happy day (and it was just the beginning!)...

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  1. THOSE SUNGLASSES!!!!!!!!! I literally squealed. She is SO darling. Looks like a blast!


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