Monday, May 5, 2014, really, I think it was. It was just the right kind of birthday for me right now. No whiz-bang party or anything (life's been a bit crazy) - instead I got to schedule my day just the way I wanted. Since days like those are nearly non-exsitent as a mama, man, that was a gift and as good as any celebration. 

So what did I do? Tennis in the AM, just me and my man. That game, I tell you, it's perfect. I've played it for years, and Ryan has been present for 90% of those years, so the sport is definitely love-love for us. We played good and hard and then went to Aubergene & Company for lunch. Our meal there was the third one I've had in the last three weeks. Three weeks! That means their food is worth it (go go go)!

The rest of the afternoon was as relaxing as ever. I finished two books that have collected dust at my bedside and shopped all by myself! Nick joined us for my fave, an al fresco dinner, and we played outside till the sundown. Some of our dear dear friends brought brownies and ice cream over to put a cherry atop the day (they are the sweetest)! I talked to family and friends throughout the whole day. I just felt good. I relaxed, recharged, and reviewed how blessed I am to have my life. 

If my twenty-three is anything like my twenty-third birthday, I'm in for the best...


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