Monday, May 5, 2014

Ryan pulled a fast one on me the other day – “Come on, let’s hike the Y!” His summer has started, and we are heading toward it full-speed. I’ve hiked the Y quite a bit lately, but Ryan hasn’t been able to join, so finally ascending those switchbacks together – and with Olivia, the first-timer! – was really perfect. We’re set on hiking many of Utah’s mountains this summer. Or else.

Mountains. I love everything they mean. I love how they’re made from intense heat and pressure – intense heat and pressure that had to be endured for a long while. I love their height and grandeur. Mountains make you look up. They offer shelter and serenity. Personally, they give me peace.

No wonder then, that after a rollercoaster week, hiking that mountain with my husband and my daughter was nothing but a balm. We were still dating when Ryan told me that we could climb life's uphills together, which made me weak in the knees (duh) but also totally aware of how awesome and accomplished our life could be...

Having since summited the peaks of real-life marriage, babies born and lost, graduations from college, part-time jobs gained and given up, we’ve tasted mountain climbing. Looking on at our horizon at a cross-country move from home, a bigger degree, (and hopefully) children to be had and jobs to be won – oh, we so have much more to endure.

But that's just it - life's a climb! It's just a steep, uphill, challenging, strengthening climb. I'm just grateful that he and I are climbing these mountains together, my hand in his. And with Olivia in our pack. And some serious love for each other in our hearts. 


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