Monday, May 19, 2014

I felt the magic again on this trip. You remember when you're little - every building in the park looks big, the details are real, the characters become your friends, and every ride is a perfect balance of charm and thrill? It's all magical. You can feel it. Well littles must know how to make the magic palpable, because both Ryan and I couldn't shake how having Olivia with us made the biggest difference. Ever.

We got a mega dose of that magic when Olivia met Minnie in Toon Town. We were first in line at her house, and being so small and even more impatient, Olivia walked under the barrier rope, knocked and Minnie's door, and then - Minnie actually answered! She immediately held Olivia's hand and the two new friends toured her house. Minnie gave Miss O the special treatment - and it was so unexpected. The sweetest surprise! It was kind of too good to be true.

The whole trip with my family was too good to be true. To-do's and schedules stopped. We were captive friends. Truly, is there anything more lasting than time spent and memories made with your family?? I don't think so. Enjoy, just a few photos of that smashing time...

Little Miss did this everywhere we went, in every line (the monkey)... :)
Another mega magic moment: Olivia and her cousins meeting Tinkerbell. Of all the Disney movies out there, Olivia really only likes/gives her time to the Tinkerbell movies (so funny what littles click with, right??). Olivia loves Tinkerbell...

She got serious with Tink there for a sec, naturally. 
Missing Annie in this pic, she was being a champion mother - waiting in line with her kids to see Goofy. This trip wouldn't have happened without our oldest sister and foreman. Rockstar woman!
Minnie Mouse + Olivia A. This personal tour started happening sooo fast that these photos are a blur; I was scrambling and snapping in manual mode like a mad woman. Couldn't believe what was happening before my eyes!
Olivia pretty much loved the rides (and do not fear, she was not strangled by that belt while riding these rockets). Always tense at first, and then always ready to go again the second the ride ended, that growing-up girl :)
Collecting, of course. This time it was leaves :)
Dance partyin' in the street! Olivia started this one. Music comes on and she's moving (so that was all the time at Disney). Her face right there? It sums up how we all felt about our few days together...happiness. The purest happiness.


  1. This is the post I've been waiting for! Jeni you write so good. It felt like I was back in the park! Let's go again! I can't wait!

  2. How fun!! I'm so looking forward to taking Ashton (hopefully next year)! So glad you guys had a great experience.

    1. You will love it! Sooo excited for you three.

  3. Oh My GOODNESS!!! I just cant get over what a darling she is.


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