Wednesday, April 2, 2014
A glorious thing happened the other day. It was a Wednesday, we were busy, and when 8:00 PM rolled around, all I wanted for Thursday was to relax. Take a break. Chill.

"Tomorrow I just want to clean, make dinner on time, do the dishes, to play play play with Olivia, maybe even dust?" - and then I was like - "Wait, what?"

That first thought totally took me off guard. I’ve always wanted to be on my own to recharge...I’ve wanted a stroller-less run, for Ryan to watch Olivia while I leave the house and do something, for Ryan to take Olivia out while I stay in the house and do nothing, and for a Café Rio dinner.

But that day, and since, I've just wanted the normal, everyday mothering stuff to re-group (I mean, I'll take Cafe Rio for dinner any day, but you know what I mean).

It’s like my track team days when I finally ran the mile event smiling. One day, that event became a literal joy for me – a 1600-meter, fast-moving, energizing break from the world. That switch from off to on – from just enduring to really enjoying - was flipped suddenly. "Huh!" I remember thinking then, "That's cool." Thinking the same thing now...

Progress. I'm so grateful! Movin’ up in this world.
Photos: from an afternoon with the "Playdough Bin" - a gift from Grandma Awerkamp to Olivia and a favorite way to play for both of us. I'm putting an artsy one together right now full of paint, paper, and stickers because we've loved this one so!


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