Monday, April 14, 2014
Hello thoughts, hello words, hello computer, hello friends! How sweet it is to sit here on my red couch and write. It’s been a while. The reasons for my absence/inconsistent posts are legit – there are three of them – and I’ll share them all eventually.

Well, here’s one: Ryan has been so busy this month with his own writing projects (term papers!) and since he and I share this little MacBook Air, blogging’s taken a backseat. You see I stopped blogging during the day a while ago - just at night after everybody is fed, Olivia is in bed, and as Ryan studies. I tried the other way around, but I lacked the peace of mind and pizzazz that prioritizing others gives you. "Others, then self." I don't know how in the world that approach makes the soul so happy, but trial and error has taught me that it does. 

So yeah, Ryan’s had the computer at night, but my little blog-cation was really good for me. I was able to zero in on what I want this blog to soon become. Emphasis: soon. I’m ready to remodel this place a bit and make it even more mine. I’ve decided a blog is like a house. Sometimes you just have to scratch the itch and rearrange the furniture. Sometimes you paint and re-paint before you “nail it.” 

To play a little catch-up, we’re still deciding on where to go to law school. Olivia is darling and growing. Ryan is graduating next week. I really love life right now. We recently spent an entire fabulous WEEK at home. Here are more photos of our time with my family at the St. George Temple on Sunday, April 6, in between sessions of General Conference...
Fly, my baby, fly!!
My angel parents. I love them so. 
We took a photo just like this one on my wedding day, and when we re-inacted it the in-laws...
...requested their own exclusive photo. So these three really are the coolest of us all. Our family would seriousy lack without them. 
All the littles. Oh my. Can you tell how excited they were about taking this?? :)
And for the caboose - my own little family. How crazy it is that Ryan and I were just standing there, sans Olivia, barely married, so in love, and so ready to take on life together. Glad that the only thing about that fact is Miss O. is here in the flesh. Ryan and I are still so in love and ready to conquer. Woo!


  1. You are just too cute for words. I love your blog.

    1. I love you, Mindy! I miss seeing you on campus - all those years ago now. Glad glad glad we're staying in touch.


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