Friday, April 18, 2014
Olivia and I were sitting there eating, sans Ryan who was working. Today was fab, and dinner was going just as fine. We could hear a handful of friends outside - moms, dads, kids, and babies - and I thought how much I so love this place. Then I started crying. 

Ry and I just let the acceptance deadline pass by for BYU's law school. Their offer to attend was incredibly generous, and staying would've be more than awesome and easy to do. But it felt right to let it go. We had been thinking that for a while - that BYU probably wasn't the one. But I sat there and I cried because now leaving Utah is inevitable. Saying goodbye is guaranteed.

...and there's just a lot to say goodbye to.

That's the end for now, because those tears are coming again. Don't get me wrong - I am excited for this next big, different, still-basically-unknown move. I have high hopes that every void will be filled. At first, it will just be a little hard.

Photo: has nothing to do with my blubbering and tears, but what's a post without one? Ryan gave me these beauties two weeks ago "just because." His random acts of love always mean the most. So long as I never have to say goodbye to him, all will be well.


  1. You captured wonderfully what it's like to leave Wymount. It's such a bittersweet time. Your family was part of why our time there was so great and we love following you guys and cheering you on in you next adventure.

  2. Aw jeni! Change is soo hard no matter what. But also GET EXCITED for this next stage and the adventure you are about to embark on! I promise you will love wherever you end up and how it will bring your family even closer. I love you <3

  3. I wrote a post just like this as we prepared to move to Ohio. My heart was breaking and the tears just rolled and rolled. Now, we love Ohio, and I know I'll shed the same bittersweet tears next year as we move away from this place and people that we now love so much. From the wise Winnie the Pooh, "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."


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