Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Olivia and I were cleaning the house this morning – like  really cleaning (this poor place needed a scrubbing) – when our friends came knocking. They were en route to visit the baby ducks on campus and invited us to come. Uh, yes!  We haven’t visited the ducks in a while, let alone the baby ducks. Our visit was totally gorgeous and fun and basically perfect. The Christmas season is dubbed as the most wonderful time of the year (for great reasons) but man…it’s hard to surpass the new life, warm air, and pastel colors of spring. This time of year is just so beautiful and sweet. 
The baby duckies!
 White blossoms are my favorite. And that new-leaf, zesty green? I love it, too. 
Oh the friendship! This was not staged (the antics of these wee three are never staged)!
Even the trunk of this tree is blooming - can you see? How does that happen? Pretty pretty.
Spring brings out the best in BYU's campus. Doesn't it have a flair of doing that for most everything and everyone, though? I mean, the trees sprout sweet smelling flowers...doesn't get much better. 


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